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PPChem Maan Consultancy (PMC) is an independent consulting service firm staffed with Thermal Power Plant Chemistry and Water Treatment professionals who are dedicated in providing unbiased, independent evaluations of power plant heat-transfer equipment, water treatment equipment and the corrosion & fouling control programs that allow them to operate efficiently. 

We neither sell water treatment equipment or products nor affiliated with any such company.

We perform a variety of testing and inspection services, which determine the performance of the water treatment equipment and the effectiveness of the treatment program. We benchmark the water treatment program performance, identify the deficiencies and gaps and offer feasible solutions to ensure optimal fouling and corrosion control.

We believe in team approach with the client and the equipment supplier.

         Also we guide in EMS, QMS, OHSAS Certification and Chemistry Laboratory Accreditation processes.


   "Enhance Performance - Diminish Carbon Foot Print" 

M.Govindasamy M.Sc., DIS , PGDEM
Founder and CEO

Water Treatment expert with 35 years of experience in chemical treatment program design, analysis, bench-marking and optimization of boiler water and cooling water treatment. Bench-marking the performance of Water Treatment Plant (RO, IER), Industrial water treatment & reuse, Sewage treatment & recycle  etc.

M.Banupriya B.Tech ( IT ), MBA ( HR )
Finance & Administration

An accomplished Human Resources Manager with proven expertise in policy and procedure, recruiting and hiring practices, personnel development, retention approaches, legal compliance issues, labor relations and negotiations.

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